5 weeks and counting!

I’ve been a participant in dance and aerobics classes for more years than I care to mention but never put myself forward as a class instructor, that was until I met up with Sheila Frampton again and started attending the Penistone Powerhooping classes.  That’s where my journey began, one sunny day in July, when I was introduced to the fun world of Powerhooping, a class guaranteed to make you smile!

As I well knew Sheila spends the winter months  in Andalo skiing and skating and was on the look out for a new recruit to join the powerhoop instructor team to cover her growing classes held in Penistone and Hoylandswaine.  I was that person and my journey to qualification began in September when I decided to register for the powerhoop foundation qualification.

An eagerly awaited shiny new hoop and instructional DVD arrived in the post along with a password  allowing me access to an online tutorial, the journey had began. I was required to pass a written exam and send videos demonstrating that I could mirror teach the warm up track and provide teaching technique for basic moves including the correct powerhoop set up.  Passing the exam was the easy part, so onto the practical part of the assessment.  I spent a few Sunday afternoons in my garage practicing the moves! I’m sure my neighbours must have thought I was going a little crazy talking to myself!

The hard work paid off and with the assistance of Sheila and a little real life practice in the Penistone and Hoylandswaine classes thanks ladies, I submitted my videos for assessment.    In early October I received the dreaded email which confirmed I’d  passed with flying colours.

With no time to waste,  the next challenge commences to learn all the powerhoop standard track choreography, bear with me fellow hoopers, I  will be inflicting them on you for the next five week,s in preparation for my instructor course which is booked for the 25th November.







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