Fun, fun, fun!!!

Its been over a week since I’ve had chance to sit down and share with you the next steps in my journey to become a powerhoop instructor.

Sheila Frampton our powerhoop mentor and pro instructor arranged a mini boot camp on Saturday for the powerhoop instructors to be group!   We met up at hoylandswaine village hall  to share hints, tips, give moral support and practice our teaching technique. It’s great to have two lovely ladies Sara and Amanda to share the journey with. After a chilly start we soon warmed up taking it in turns to teach some of those well known powerhoop tracks. The session was great and I can’t thank Sheila enough for this and all her support and advice over the last few weeks, it’s been invaluable.

As well ensuring I can teach a fun and effective work out I’ve also been busy arranging class insurance, obtaining my PPl license to ensure we can continue to hoop to some of those classic tunes like Proud Mary and getting my loyalty cards printed. This was the final piece of the jigsaw that made it all seem so real and of course they had sparkle on them!

Two weeks and counting …….thanks for sharing the journey with me. Jilly xxx

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