4 weeks and counting!

Bit of a nerve wracking week this week in both my work and hooping worlds. There is lots of uncertainty in my work world where I am leading the team through a significant period of organisational change.  Lots of ups and downs as I’m sure you can imagine. I’ve recently introduced my spare Powerhoops to the  office and it’s fun to see the team sneaking into a meeting room or quiet area of the office to see if they can spin them. It’s a fab distraction from day to day worries as we all know and it’s definitely brought a smile to their faces despite the day to day stress and worries they currently face. I’m planning to run a taster class in Leeds for the team, but anyone is welcome to come along if the date and time suits. I will publish dates when available, it would be good to have some experienced hoppers to assist the newbies.

And so to my hooping world ……After a weekend and a number of early mornings focused on  learning choreography it all came together in class this week where I got out front and taught a number of tracks. It felt really good despite a few minor hiccups. Thanks to all for being so positive and supportive it’s really great to hear you all really enjoy the classes!  I’m working hard to ensure it remains that way when Sheila departs for Andalo.

There is more study and choreography for me this weekend, Sheila and I are planning some bonfire/ Halloween tracks for next weeks classes feel free to come in fancy dress, the crazier the better. There will also be a few nibbles after class and a chance to stop and chat for a while. Prepare to “relight my fire” Jilly and Sheila style, Take that will definitely be using our choreography on their next tour 😂😂😂😂

Christmas is also fast approaching and it’s a chance to plan a quick drink to celebrate our first Powerhooping Christmas as a class if everyone’s up for that? Don’t forget you need to sign up for the December little black dress challenge by the end November you can find details on the website or pick up a leaflet in class!

See you all next week



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